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We develop custom solutions complementing the standard 'Point and Click' tools.

Lightning Components

With the arrival of Lightning it has become the norm to adjust the UI to make the user experience perfect. 

Apex Code/Triggers

Custom code can extend the Salesforce platform to fit virtually any business processes you require.


Linking data between 3rd party gives the ability to push and pull data into Salesforce for a 360deg view of your data. 

AppExchange Listing Think Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for Salesforce. If you have a product that could be sold to the wider Salesforce customer base, or if you have an idea yet to be implemented, we can help get your solution built and listed. See the AppStore for examples of products already available.


Salesforce Certified! We work to keep up to date with the Salesforce releases and maintain our certifications. More certs will be added in due course! 

Remember that Trailhead is available for self service developement and training.